Skunks and Dreams

I remember when I dreamed about my skunk.  I had already decided I wanted one from watching a PBS special.  The sight of them simple clicked with me, much like how when I read the name Manna clicked.  The time I dreamed about my skunk I was on vacation in Orlando, Florida.  I woke up remembering the name Ibuka, which was the skunk's name in my dream. This was also the dream where I heard Manna Arabia. I thought the dream was interesting and important but at that time I wasn't as developed, so not much delving into the dream was done.


At one of the psychic meetups in Vancouver as I was talking about this dream, the group organizer told me to look up skunk means in dreams.  I thought about that and decided, no : ) I didn't feel like it was important and I felt (at the time) like she was challenging my interpretation.  I know silly, right?  But the thing was I was looking at what she told me in one way only.  She was told by spirit to look it up.  Then she said to look up skunk guides and their meanings in dreams.  She tainted the information a little but the main thing that was posed was to look it up. Only today did I decide to look up the meaning of Ibuka.  The thought came to me as I was watching my favorite Disney series on youtube, Aladdin!  And guess what Ibuka means?  Remember.  In the Kinyarwanda language.  Is it interesting that I was watching Aladdin which is based in the Middle East and my dream had me in Arabia with a daughter whose middle name was Arabia? What does this all mean?  It means that I'm being asked to remember past lives within the Middle East/African region, because it is affecting this life.


I've mentioned the following before, but this time we'll go into it further. I found out during one of my SEE sessions that I was a freelance Priestess in Egyptian time, but before it became organized. I know a lot of people claim to be pharaohs and people of importance but I'm pretty sure that I was a simple woman who was well versed in spiritual/magical ways.  I was there right when they were starting to divvy up statuses and sects. 


The discovery began with the SEE practitioner talking about something, I don't remember, and I blinked.  I saw an Egyptian coffin in that quick moment.  I mentioned it to her and she looked away which is something psychics do a lot when they are asking or listening to Spirit.  She came back and said this is something we are supposed to go into.  She said, I don't want to say you were a witch but a...."  I popped in and said, “Priestess.”  She said," Yes, and a group of men came and said you had to stop and only be a part of their practice.  You didn't like that and your sister was killed as a result of their changes.”


 After she said her few words the rest of this life started playing out in my mind's eye.  I saw myself helping a kid who had cut his foot and mixing things.  I saw a group of men coming and saying that I had to stop and join them.  I refused.  But they took all of my supplies.  I don't know how my sister died.  The SEE Practitioner said that she was married to one of the men in the group.  (Actually, right now I'm seeing her getting sick and me not being able to give her certain seeds and herbs to heal her because her husband doesn't practice my faith and only follows, is allowed to follow, the new group. She died because he wouldn't listen to me.)  Once she died I was going to get my revenge.  The SEE practitioner told me that there was a lot of thinking going on for the right punishment I wanted to administer.  I like to personalize you see. : ) I thought about sneaking in and poisoning his drink.  How did I have access to his drink or room? Well, because after my sister's death I did join with the group so I could have access to what I needed to still help people and to get my revenge.  I decided that it wasn’t enough for him to be poisoned. For a moment you’re in pain and the next, perfectly fine.  Subsequently, I decided to curse the main man who brought about the changes for 1000 deaths.  In that life I was happy about this but then I wanted more.  I indulged a bit.  I feel like I went crazy a bit with power.  Since men were attached to their legacy I decided to curse his seed but not just his but the coconspirators and some of his follower, too.


The SEE Practitioner said I died young in that life around 32 or 36, I don’t have my notes out to find the exact age.  I was puzzled by how young I died.  I heard my mind say, “back in that time people died young.”  But that didn’t feel like what happened to me.  Then my spirit showed me drinking poison.   So that’s how I died.  The main man had died and being a woman of my word, "I’ll chase you down for 1000 deaths," I drunk poison so my death would coincide with his death and we'd be reborn around the same times.  I know, WTF!


As we were going over this in my session, I was laughing uncontrollably because it felt so true.  It was shocking at the same time.  Plus, what was the practitioner thinking of me now?  I felt bad that I had cursed someone at first but once all the reasons of why I had came back I was quite happy to continue the curse.  She said it was 47 lifetimes ago so there were a wholeeeeee lot more to come.  I said…good. Lol  But then she started talking about a child.  If I saw a child that had been evil in a past life would I just let all things bad happen to him or her?  I said no at first but then I saw the spirit behind the child.  It was manipulation, him coming to me in a different form to get my sympathy.  I refused to let the curse completely go in that session.  I did, however, use a positive affirmation that said I let go of the need for someone to suffer in order to be worthy of getting “it.” 


She said this past life was still affecting this current life.  That my past life belief that men are dumb was one reason I chose the family I was in; it was to keep me on the path of hating men.  (For the record I don’t hate all men)  However, the energy of “men are dumb” is keeping helpful men from my life.  And my younger sibling’s marriage to a dumb man triggered me worrying about death.  Also, why I picked the mother in this current life, who I refer to as simply the door to gain entry in this life, was so I would be fed up with woman passively standing by and letting stupid men run things.  I remember watching Oprah and Brian Weiss saying we don’t chose to be abused.  I think he said that so people won’t say, you wanted me to abuse you or you deserve it.  We’re adults here.  I would never say this to a child.  I do think we pick the person who will most likely give us the energy we are seeking, be that abuse, neglect or love.  That doesn’t mean that person is less responsible for their actions or that our whole self is seeking to have that experience. For example, part of me wants to punish the Egyptian man, but I also wanted to have a happy childhood.  All ideas, thoughts, feelings and desires...strings past and present, play out in our current lives.


Only today did I realize I’d cursed his seed, too.  It was as I wrote this.  I started off just wanting to expound on the Ibuka, skunk, Arabia dream.  I have the reasons and meaning behind it now.  I have to go to Africa and the Middle East to pay back the debt from the curse.  I of course am not responsible for all the destruction going on in these areas, but I can’t say that I didn’t contribute to it.  I’m whole enough that I can release the curse on his descendents and not feel like I’ve failed myself.  I’m still keeping the curse on him, though.  Hey, I can only be me. 


The ideal of perfection that's been brought forth by many spiritual people where it’s all sunshine and love is a state of being I don't necessarily want right now. I heard, "that's what drug addicts say.  When you're in your addiction to earth it is hard to see beyond it."  Hmm, that may be true.  And I am fine with that.  Life is journey.  Point A to B is rarely divided by a hair.  I did ask the SEE practitioner if I'd met this man in this life.  She said no, but I feel like that was a lie.  Not on her part, but the universe withheld the information. I'm not hung up on it, though.  Keep in mind that you have to also look back further in lives and realize that part of this Egyptian man’s spirit wanted to be punished.  And I’m happy to oblige.  For right now…


Can't really edit because of the video. It wouldn't be word for word. 9/16/2011

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